Preschoolers are an energetic group that needs plenty of exposure to interesting and creative learning opportunities.  They need the feeling of love and security with plenty of room for the exploration of their surroundings and new activities.  Through self-discovery and teacher direction there will be plenty of experiences to help expand your child’s natural development and lead to a happy, confident learner.

Starting Points uses the Tennessee Early Learning Development Standards to prepare engaging lesson plans. These standards help prepare children for future learning success in grade school.

1. Approaches to Learning

Teachers provide hands-on age appropriate activities, toys, and interactions that support each child’s learning style. This not only helps with healthy brain development but also lets children approach learning with anticipation and excitement. Problem solving and perseverance are supported and encouraged.

2. Social/Emotional

Teachers provide a safe and secure learning environment in order for the children to feel secure in exploring their environment. Planned activities and interactions help the children begin to develop an idea of who they are and how they fit into their world. They also begin to understand their emotions which lay a foundation for self-regulation. Teachers encourage positive interactions with others.

3. Language and Early Literacy

Teachers expose children to a language rich environment through conversations, books, technology, and music. Teachers plan fun and engaging learning experiences that expose children to a variety of literacy concepts such as alphabet knowledge, rhyming, phonetics, writing skills and vocabulary enrichment.

4. Math

Teachers provide hands-on experiences that allow children to develop early math skills. Some examples include classifying, categorizing, counting, number relationships, geometry, measurement, patterning, and problem solving.

5. Science

Teachers provide many sensory experiences (taste, touch, smell, looking, and listening) to foster children’s natural inclinations to learn about their natural and physical world.

6. Social Studies

Teachers develop a relationship with the children so the children feel comfortable exploring their environment. Children begin to build their knowledge about culture, geography and history through being exposed to different experiences, people, and places.

7. Creative Arts

Teachers provide fun activities that allow the children to express their ideas, feeling, and interests through art, music, dance, and dress up/role play.

8. Physical Development

Teachers provide a safe and healthy environment in which children can move and explore. They also provide opportunities to practice manipulating small objects (puzzles, blocks, crayons, scissors, etc.).Teachers encourage children’s awareness of daily routines. Children perform a variety of self-help skills while actively participating in daily classroom routines.

Celebrating Over 20 years

There are no words to adequately express my gratitude for this daycare/preschool. They have loved and cared for my children beyond any expectation I had.
Nancy R.

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