Starting Points preschools promote children to the next class according to the developmental ability of each child and available space. Children at the preschool center will have a period of visitation (the amount of visitation time depends on the individual child). Children will visit their new class off and on for approximately one month. This gives children a chance to become familiar with the new teacher, children, and classroom before their formal move.

Starting Points is a preschool center that provides Infant, Toddler, Preschool and School age programsEach program addresses the individual needs of the children while providing a well-rounded curriculum. The curriculum at our preschools includes enrichment activities that enhance: Language Development, Fine and Gross motor Skills, Social/Emotional Development, Music and Movement, Math Concepts, Self Help Skills, Problem Solving and Critical thinking, Emergent Literacy Skills, and Early Technology Skills.

The Starting Points preschool center does not combine classroom in the mornings and afternoons.  Every child starts the day and ends the day with the same class.  This gives the children a feeling of security, knowing where they will be at all times.  In case of an emergency (if a teacher must leave for personal reasons and another teacher is not available) classes may be combined as long as ratios are always met.  Classroom sizes are limited to one group per classroom except for the school age room. This gives our preschools an advantage for both the child and the parents. If you have any further questions about our preschool program or classrooms, please let us know!

Celebrating Over 20 years

The school is so great! Nature, science, reading, writing centers and so many wonderful ways to learn around every corner. The teachers are just so amazing and wonderful with the children. My son has been in Miss Lynn’s class (go Mighty Moths) for little over a year now. He just turned 5 and has been writing and beginning to read for months now. He has learned so much educationally but also socially. So so happy he goes to Starting Points!
Christine C.

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